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Skip hire is about rubbish removal and we’re only too happy to give you free advice with all your skip requirements in the Christchurch area. We are one of the very few locally owned skips still run by a family, unlike most who have been bought out by multinationals over time. You can count on us for solutions when it comes to getting rid of any junk or major rubbish jobs, because our local knowledge from years running this business means that whatever you need done will be completed quickly so you won’t end up having pay more than what was originally quoted!

Rubbish removal can be costly, so it’s best to get some free advice before you order your skip. We specialize in Hardfill, Green waste and General rubbish skips at competitive prices with all the services needed for a hassle-free experience from loading  up until we take away everything!

Kiwis want to make their own way, but sometimes it’s more beneficial and cost-effective to call our experts. Whether you order from us or decide go DIY on the refuse side of things there are a couple of links we can share with you if wanted for your nearest recycling centers – just keep in mind that this will be time consuming so factor that into your rubbish disposal costs! When working out what type of service plan is best for yourself remember also how many trips back and forth need to happen as well as running costs like fuel etc., because at least when ordering through us these types of expenses come included already (although they may vary depending).

EcoDrop transfer stations and recycling centers

Family-owned and operated, Skip bin hire is the best way to go when you need a quick cleanout. They are easy to book online with our team  Order Online Here! And if you’re not sure what size skip will work for your needs we can help! Just call us today 349-2058 /027 205 4877

Mini Skips save people time & money. We can even do  all of the hard labor for you. Hiring one from an expert like us saves on waste removal costs.  That’s yet another reason why it might be better to hire a mini skip rather  than DIY!