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Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Ways to Remove Garden Waste

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Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Now that you have cleaned up your garden, done some landscaping jobs and have piles of garden rubbish waiting to be disposed of, the question is what will be the cheapest way to remove garden waste without costing you a fortune.  Yes, you know that it’s not easy to throw away garden waste if you have to much.  If it’s just one or 2 garbage bags, you can easily throw it into your wheelie green bin. But if you have large amounts and its mixed, then there’s a daunting task coming.  Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Garden waste can be composed of green and brown waste. The green waste could be the fresh grass clippings from lawn mowing, freshly uprooted annual plants, weeds, small cut branches from your hedges and other garden waste. Brown waste could be of the same plant materials but have already dried . Why we are identifying green garden waste from brown is because green waste can be easily composted while brown waste can take a lot of time.Mini Skip Hire Christchurch

Composting can be  one effective means of garden waste removal without spending a cent. While the composted material can be used to nourish the soil and the plants, incorporating compost into the soil can bring a very long positive effect on the soil’s organic properties but what’s the Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste ? 

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

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But we realize that not many people in Christchurch are into composting because most  just don’t have time. And though composting can be the cheapest way to remove garden waste, most people in Christchurch prefer taking their garden waste away and disposing it into the council’s transfer stations’ composting sites. However, depending on the composition of your waste, the council has the last word if they will take it.  If your garden waste has some rubble, soil and inert waste in it, no composting site would take it.   Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

But don’t give up  because we still have some solutions for you and can still work  the cheapest way to remove garden waste in Christchurch. 

Here are some you could try:


Organizing the garden waste before taking it to the transfer station’s composting facility.

We would like to elaborate on this. Garden waste can be composed of small to large materials. Lawn grass and leaves are not a problem including soft stems of flowering plants because these are quick to decompose. However, before taking the waste into  composting sites, make sure you separate the larger items from the small waste such as logs, big branches and also plant parts with lots of thorns, and even plants with waxy leaves like flaxes and cabbage trees because these are not allowed  in  composting sites. Weeds are also sometimes prohibited because their seeds can still grow on compost and you may unnecessarily proliferate them when you use the compost on your soil. 

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Use a worm bin for faster composting

If you have lots of pots for indoor plants or flowering plants that you keep in your yard or garden and you want rich soil for these but don’t have the time to compost, you can buy a worm bin instead. Worm bins come in different sizes and shapes but you can create yours using only lumber and plywood. You only need to put old newspaper as bedding, put some rich soil to it, buy worms from vermiculture farms and feed the worms with vegetable trimmings, plant clippings and coffee grounds. Nonetheless, this will only work for a small amount of garden waste. This could be one of the Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste.

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

If you have accumulated a lot of garden waste and have segregated the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable, you can haul the compostable materials to the transfer station’s composting facility using your truck. But if there is no truck, you can also hire a trailer for hauling. Click here for trailers you could hire in Christchurch at very affordable costs. For the non-biodegradable waste, call your nearest transfer station facility and ask how and where to dispose of these. This might not be the Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste but its  not as much as hiring a skip.

Hire a skip

If you’re from Christchurch, you know what skips are. In the US, they call these the “dumpsters”. However, it may come to mind questions like why rent a large skip just to throw away garden waste? And is renting skips too expensive? Well, the answer to the first question is, we can hire skips when there’s too much garden waste from a big garden tidy-up

And for the second question, the cost of hiring skip bins depends on the size of the skip you need. But here is the good news – we at Christchurch skip hire are renting mini skips of different sizes to accommodate the volume of your waste based on your need. 

Here are the skips’ sizes that  we can suggest to solve the problem with their garden rubbish removal in Christchurch. 



Benefits of Renting Skip Bins

You can choose the perfect size for your waste. Regardless of your waste, you can choose from our skips the right size you need. If you plan to do a large-scale landscaping project or want to change your grass or trim all your trees and hedges and plants, the skips can be the best solution. Each size can accommodate certain volumes of waste including garden waste and these can be the perfect solutions for overall garden rubbish removal in Christchurch. 

Disposal made easy. Forget about loading and unloading your garden waste into your truck or hiring a trailer and no need to worry about hauling it to the transfer station’s composting facility.  So depending on the volume of green waste you have this could be your Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste.

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Easy to hire. It’s now very easy to hire skips, especially our skips.   With us, you only need to call us or leave us a message on our website with your contact details. If you want to check on our garden waste removal prices using our skips,  you’ll see the size of the skip you need and their rental prices. You can pay for the hire   thru our portal using your credit card then we’ll drop it of for you on the day selected.

We only do environment-friendly waste disposal service.  According to the guidelines set by the Christchurch council with their waste management program. Because we have been working in the business of waste removal, household items removal and even house clearing services for years now, we know where to take the collected waste and we know how to dispose of it properly and legally to avoid environmental issues.  


skip hire chch

It will cost you less and saves you time and effort. We also know that you will agree with us when we say that hiring a skip would be the easiest way of saving you money instead of hiring people to take out your garden waste from the curbside. How is that so? Because in hiring skips, you can put so much waste into it of whatever waste you have. So instead of calling a company to pick up your gathered garden waste which they may charge you a good amount of money for their effort, why not we provide you the skips and fill it up to your heart’s content while it’s on a fixed rate and with lots of time allowance?  

Saves you time and effort because you don’t have to take the garden waste yourself to the composting facility and we can give you 5 days to fill  your skip. That could be your cheapest way to remove garden waste at your own pace. If you want to extend the hire days, just call us.

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So isn’t it great  that you have come to our page and know more about garden waste removal and discover our skips rental services? But then,  what  if you need  an item pickup removal service, this is also one of the  things that we do. If you want to dispose of an old sofa, an old fridge or old mattresses, we can come to your place and will pick it up. Same procedure, you only need to call us and we’ll do the rest.      


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