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Things You Should Know About Estate Clearing Services in Christchurch

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One of the services we offer in Christchurch is estate clearing and we are known to be one of the most reliable estate clearing services in the area. Our services vary but we have to say that hiring us for the estate clearing would give you a great service from house clearance to disposal of the waste we collect from the job including garden waste removal. 

For now, we will focus on our service offering estate clearing  and we will also tell you about some of our rubbish disposal services as we go.

Estate Clearing

What is Estate Clearing Service In Christchurch?

Estate clearing is a kind of “house clearance in Christchurch” and its main goal is to provide  people who are looking to clear out homes of their loved ones or newly-bought homes that are full of mess and stuff. We clean homes of their rubbish.

In this industry, the estates usually mean houses or properties meant to serve as homes. So we expect that these estates could have ordinary things we see in our homes like appliances, furniture, whiteware and there are also extra spaces that are part of the homes like gardens, patios or yards. These can also have things that need to be cleared out and organized.  dump fridge Christchurch

So essentially, house clearing is not only meant to clear a house of its indoor stuff but also of outdoor spaces that are part of the house.

Estate clearing can take place in many forms. In our experience, here some of the reasons why we are called for service:

The owner of the house passed away.

When someone who is living alone passes away and the family of that person needs help in clearing out the house from rubbish and belongings, the estate clearing company would clear out the area, organize the furniture in the house and dispose of the things that are considered waste.

Elderly Person/s

The elderly person/s living in the house was transferred to a nursing home. Most of the time, children and families of their elders will maintain these houses but before someone can live there again, all unnecessary items are removed from it as well as any clutter that’s left over.

New House

 A house was bought, filled with personal belongings and old furniture. This usually happens when the family decides to live in another country and sells their stuff but leaves their home a mess. In this case, dumping old furniture can become one of the problems for the new homeowner-but we can also manage it!The new owner of the house wants to clear away everything in the garden. Yes, it’s not only houses that we can deal with but also gardens of previous homeowners – and often times they’re filled with old gardening equipment or plants…or worse!

Estate Clearing

What is House Clearance in Christchurch

There are many ways to make the house clear process easier, but a reliable way is hiring someone who can do it for you. House clearance in Christchurch has always been perfect because we have years of experience and provide different services like waste pickup disposal, items pickup service, and mini skip hire.   

Estate clearing services cannot only take the burden off from the families left behind by their loved ones but can also help them return the home back to very good and clean condition. Because one cannot sell a house that is abandoned and full of clutter, once the house has been cleared out of unneeded stuff and cleaned, the inheritors of the house can sell or rent it out at a proper value. RUBBISH REMOVAL

However, as we have mentioned above, estate clearing services are not only offered to bereaved families but to anyone who needs services for house clearance in Christchurch. And people should also know that there are many advantages that they can get from estate clearing services so we need to mention some of them.

Advantages of Hiring Estate Clearing Services

Minimizes the probability of burglary and theft

We know that once a person living alone in his house passes away, this can become known to the community.  Unfortunately, if the house is not  managed immediately by a relative or friend, it can become vulnerable to burglary. And the worst thing that can happen is losing important documents that are concerned with the property itself aside from precious belongings like jewelry or hidden money. To avoid this, you can consider a house clearing service immediately and we can document everything.

We can take away your stress and worries.

In case of somebody’s death and leaving a house full of things that are not needed by the inheritor of the house, this can become a headache for the inheritor because presumably there will be a lot of clearing involved. This can be the best time for estate clearing services.

keep the items that you want in memory of your loved ones

The loss of a loved one is never easy to process, but when the person passes away or you’re no longer able to take care of them in your home any more and are forced into an elderly living facility or nursing home, it can be even harder. That’s why we do all that we can for our customers by helping with things like their heirlooms/valuables which they may not have time to find themselves while caring for mom / dad who needs so much attention every day.

Estate Clearing

The earlier we can salvage the items the better.

Most of the time when someone has passed away they leave behind their estate; this might include valuable items like antique furniture or even electronics, but sometimes family members may neglect them until many years later if not forever- especially since nobody knows where anything was put. This leads to damage being done.


 You realize now the importance of contracting estate clearing services? Whether you inherit a house from your parents or from a deceased family member, or in case you bought a house full of junk, what you basically need now is to have the estate cleared out of its mess and dispose of the things that are useless. 

Rubbish Removal Christchurch

Clearing out a deceased estate is not an easy job. Especially during the time that the family is feeling stressed, you don’t have time to care for or manage the estate including what’s inside it. However, we suggest that as early as possible, you hire an estate clearing service like us to do the job to be able to save, clean, organize and clear the space as early as possible to avoid unnecessary costs  As we have mentioned above.  Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

With our estate clearing services, we not only do our job in clearing and cleaning properties but we also take good care of disposing of items that are considered trash. So being in the business of skips rentals and single item pickup, and now in estate clearance, we are already a package. We know where to dump old furniture because this is part of our business and we also specialize in whiteware removal in Christchurch.