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If you are searching for a company that specializes in deceased estate clearance in Christchurch, don’t look too far because we are the right guys for the job. 

In Christchurch, people know us by our skips service and by our single pick-up service.

When people in Christchurch have problems with their waste not being picked up by our city council’s trucks, they call us. When homeowners want to dispose of their old furniture, they also call us. And we have done many estate clearances, also deceased estate clearance that requires different skills. But what exactly is a deceased estate clearance and why do we do this type of work?

Ok, let’s put it this way. If you have a relative who lives alone and  they could be a  hoarder and maybe they have sadly died or gone into a rest home, that’s where hoarding cleanup specialists come in – to clear away the clutter that is  left behind so that the house will be livable again for a new family or maybe it’s being sold. 

With our experience, we have dealt with a number of deceased estate clearances in Christchurch. We can search for your family members’ sentimental items while we are clearing out the property (you can give us instructions on what to look out for) Rest assured  all care and attention is given to your instructions.

House Clearance & Hoarding Specialist

What is Hoarding and Why People Hoard?

Hoarding can sometimes be normal and anyone can be a hoarder. We tend to keep things that some people think could be useless but for us, we anticipate their future uses thus we give them some value. We also buy small things that we don’t necessarily need and store them not only because these are cheap but we also feel that these are worth keeping. 

However, when hoarding becomes excessive and gets out of hand that it becomes unnatural for the person to collect and collect but not necessarily organize them, hoarding now becomes a disorder. That’s why when a person who is diagnosed with a hoarding problem passes away and leaves out a lot of stuff, this is where house clearance rubbish removal comes into play.  

Hoarding is seen as a disorder because it can be categorized as a symptom of a mental disorder or a sign of a mental issue. Most people with this disorder, according to some research, also suffer from a type of depression or anxiety and sometimes this condition is also seen as a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that’s why it becomes closely linked to addiction.

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The Common Outcome of Hoarding

As we have said, In our experience, we have done many house clearance rubbish removals that involve hoarders. But what do we do as cleanup specialists? Let me explain what we do and why we need to do the cleanup. 

When you force a hoarder to stop hoarding or to the point of getting rid of his or her items, this person will experience distress and may succumb to deep anxiety. And this is why there is normally an excessive accumulation of different items in the home regardless of their value because relatives normally  just let them do their thing. Unfortunately, the obsessive collecting of items will naturally create cramped spaces inside the home of a hoarder particularly in the living room, in other rooms of the house, or even along the pathways.

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You can also find clutter in the sink, stoves, stairways, basements, countertop and even in the garage and these are not usually organized, often dirty, contaminated with animal waste and most of the time are already harboring pests and small animals. Some hoarders manage their hoards in the beginning but when the condition worsens, you will find that old and new stuff gets mixed up.

As you’re reading this, you might say this is horrible. But yes, these things normally happen inside the house of a hoarder. Hoarders usually live by themselves and it’s explainable because they don’t want anyone stopping them from their habit or even seeing people touching their items. So when they pass away, they leave a lot of clutter. 

Being in the business of doing deceased estate clearance in Christchurch, people need us when one of their relatives has passed away and left a lot of unmanageable stuff. So what we do is work with the family so that if the new owner of the house wants to sell or put the house up for rent, this will be clean, decontaminated, organized and the clutters’ gone.

Things We Do as Hoarding Cleanup Specialists

First, you have to know that doing house clearance rubbish removal from the house of a hoarder person is not an easy and very safe job because primarily the clutter has been collected already for many years. In this case, we could  be facing the risk of inhaling germs or touching hazardous items due to the presence of rats, cockroaches and other vermin that have contaminated the stuff. 

On the other hand, we know that some hoarders also develop habits of collecting expensive and even elegant items so as house clearance and hoarding specialists, we talk first to the relative of the deceased about what their deceased relative has become passionate about collecting. 

So here are some of the things that we usually do during deceased estate clearance in Christchurch. 

We always wear PPEs (Personal Protective Clothing) and also respirators to be safe from inhaling dangerous organisms or any biohazards that could be emanating from the area. 

We gather and dispose of all things that cannot be salvaged while following the guidelines of our city and state regulations to maintain the safety and proper disposal of the said items. 

Any valuables and collectibles are given back to the family. 

Anything we’ve found in the house will be kept confidential by our staff and we also treat the house with respect.  

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House Clearance Rubbish Removal

On our part, we try to differ  deceased estate clearance from house clearance rubbish removal although they can sometimes overlap. Yet, they also have their differences in the way they are carried out. But how do they basically differ? 

Rubbish clearance, provides service by removing the waste off the estate or from a house or a building. This means that the items have already been sorted so what’s left is considered rubbish only. So the simple definition of a house clearance is we charge clients a set amount for the service and we dispose of everything on site.

 But with deceased estate clearing  we will sort through all items on the property and look for items according to the family’s request. And once done will dispose of all remaining rubbish .

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What We Offer With Our Services

 We mentioned some of our services like skips rental and single-item pickup. These jobs are also some of the things that we do best. We know that in Christchurch, we have colored wheelie bins to separate biodegradable from the recycles and also for general waste. But because our council has guidelines with regards to the pickups and bulky waste is not allowed to be dumped into these bins, this is where you might need our skips.

With our single-item pickup service, we can take all types of large furniture from homes or offices and will dispose of them properly usually to the transfer stations where people there will check them out for potential recycling, donation. Especially  white goods such as fridges, dryers and washing machines that are too large for your disposal, we can take them from your place and only pay per item.