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How Can I Dispose Of Old Furniture

How Can I Dispose Of Old Furniture

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How Can I Dispose Of Old Furniture

I was about to buy a new sofa for my newly renovated home but the problem is, how can I dispose of old furniture when it’s too big to be picked up by our Christchurch CCC rubbish  service? I’m sure they won’t take it because I know they only take the usual garbage we put in our wheelie bins . Well, at times like this, I usually call my friends and ask for advice, which I did. Fortunately, some gave me good ideas while others gave advice which I think could even cost me more, like taking my old sofa to a furniture restoration service.

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Disposing of old or broken furniture is one problem  when you purchase any new big furniture item or appliance . And sometimes, you have to pay a lot of money just to get rid of your large  old stuff. I don’t always have cash in my pocket so I also asked myself, “how can I get rid of old furniture ”without it costing me anything or at least costing me money I can afford? 

Well my friends, today I’m going to share with you what I have learned about  how to get rid of your old furniture for free and how I got rid of mine and it cost me very little. 

How Can I Get Rid of Old Furniture for Free?

Based on my and my friends’ experience, here are the tips I want to share with you.

Take a picture of your furniture and send it to your relatives or friends and ask if they want to take your old item. But this can be a real drama Because half the time your friends won’t even show up to collect it.

Post its picture on sites like the Salvation Army and better if you have a local site for these. 

Take it to an eco drop center near you and donate it. As long as your item is in good condition, the center can take it and some people would want to have it. This can be the best answer to the question – how can I get rid of old furniture for free?

Sell your furniture to second-hand shops. If you want to get rid of it but you want to earn some money, especially if your furniture was quite expensive when you bought it, It may still be worth selling .     

 Bring it outside your home preferably in front of your house and put a sign “FREE, Ready for Anyone’s Pick-Up”.  But this is not a good idea because once it rains nobody will want to pick up an old wet sofa and you have a soggy wet mess outside your house.

 List it on an auction site for $1 and hopefully somebody will take it off your hands but once again most people that buy stuff for only $1 never bother to actually pick it up.


 This is what I did with my old sofa, I called 3492058 or 0272054877 and my furniture was gone in an instant. Yes, I don’t want to be hassled and wait for someone to take my item so even though  what I did is not free, I only paid a minimal amount for the pickup and my sofa was gone that fast. 

What to do with old broken furniture

when no one would want to take it. Here are the things you could consider. 


You can take apart or disassemble your furniture then throw the parts in your wheelie bin.  

Haul it into the dump or transfer station and pay for the volume of the item and your trailer hire. 

Hire a waste pickup service to take away your old furniture with no hassle on your part.   

If you ask me which I would prefer in disposing of my old and broken furniture, again, I would rather choose the latter because hiring a waste removal pickup service is not very expensive and can also save you time and effort. If you’re in Christchurch its as easy as to get rid of your unwanted rubbish.

PH 3492058 or 0272054877