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Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

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Why You Need To Consider Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch?

You probably know what skips are and have heard about skip hire or mini skip hire. Skips or bins are also called “dumpsters” in other countries and they are generally used for containing a large amount of rubbish regardless of their materials and items except those that are hazardous and liquid waste. They also come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of waste volumes.  

In Christchurch, just like in other cities or towns, people usually have problems in disposing of their rubbish especially when it becomes too much for their wheelie bins to handle. This usually happens during specific times like house renovations, overlaying of new landscapes or just about the ordinary weekend general cleaning at home or in the office. When this  happens, our ccc bins would not be big enough to handle this waste. And we know that when in Christchurch, anything that’s not in the bins would not be picked up by the council’s pickup truck. This is why we need to call skips companies and rent some of their skips to avoid having waste disposal issues. 

But the problem is, how do we know the size of the skip we need?   

For those who are not familiar with skips and the advantages it brings, this article is all about them. We will also tell you how to identify the right size of skip for your waste then tell you more about our mini skip hire service that we are running within the city of Christchurch.

Choose the perfect skip for your job

small mini skip Christchurch skip hire


Use this size for very small cleanup job

mini skip hire Christchurch


use this skip for a little bigger job


This skip is suitable for mid size clean up

large skip hire Christchurch


This skip mid size to large clean up

What is a Mini Skip and What are Their Sizes?

Skips are the best alternatives for the small rubbish bins whenever you need to dispose of large amounts of waste at one time. They are generally made of metal, come in different designs, sizes and dimensions and they are also available in 4 size varieties – the mini skips, midi skips, maxi skips and the 20-40 cubic meter skips for industrial use. Aside from they can contain a big amount of waste, we can also put in almost any type of waste except items with toxic elements, liquid waste and asbestos which require a special permit.   Mini Skip Hire Christchurch

But what is a mini skip? From the word “mini”, the mini skips are the smallest versions of the larger skips. In other countries like the UK, they categorize the size of their skips in “yard sizes”. But in New Zealand, we use the more specific dimensions for them which is in cubic meters. Skips with sizes under 10 cubic meters are the mini skips. Midi skips size ranges from 10 to 12 cubic meters while the Maxi skips have sizes that range from 14-18 cubic meters. The largest of them, as we have mentioned, are the 20-40 cubic meter skips which many manufacturing companies use. 

Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

The mini skips are best for domestic use and also for small commercial establishments whenever they want to contain all their waste in just one container and in one go. So here are some scenarios when you might need them.  Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

Let’s say your garage seems to be cluttered with junk that you can barely move and you’ve noticed that some of the pieces of metals you have accumulated over the years have rusted and you want to throw them out. Can you put all of these in your bin for recyclables? Or how about you decide to change your rugs in your house because they have become moldy and smelly you just want to throw them out. If you are an avid gardener and you want to change all your old plants and mow your grass and trim your hedges, where can you put all of the waste you will produce? Because surely, your green bin would not be able to take it all.

Estate Clearing

Mini skips are the best options for domestic and for commercial waste removal solutions for the large volume of waste and you also don’t have to segregate your waste. You put everything in it and it will be gone. Note that if you hire a skip that’s too large for your waste, it would be a waste of money getting charged for the size that’s too large for your waste.  The same thing, if you go for mini skip hire in Christchurch and have a skip that’s too small for your rubbish, this would not be enough to carry all your gathered waste. 

Now, the problem is, how would you know the right size of skip that you need to accommodate your waste? So here are our mini skips with their sizes .

2 cubic meter for general waste 

4.5 cubic meter for general waste 

6 cubic meter for general waste 

7 cubic meter for general waste 

2 cubic meters for hard fill concrete & soil.

You noticed that most of our mini skip for hire are mostly for general waste and only one 2 cubic meter size for hard fill concrete. This is because most of our target clients are households, commercial offices and other small businesses.

General waste is waste that is ordinarily produced on an everyday basis by people living in the city. It can come from households or from small commercial establishments like stores, barber shops or boutiques. Waste can include green waste, recyclable and non-recyclable items and food waste as long as it’s in the garbage bag and dry.  

For the hard fill waste, our mini skip for hire can take  stones, pavers, rubble, concrete, and asphalt. These waste are what are called “inert waste” and cannot be considered biodegradable or recyclable waste thus these will end in landfills.

Christchurch rubbish

How Much for a Mini Skip Hire?

 Our mini skips can be rented for as little as $225 for the smallest and we’ll give you a maximum of 5 days to fill up the skip. The units we have are perfect for those smaller projects around the house that require an inexpensive form of waste disposal and they’re an excellent choice if you’re doing a small house renovation or just want some old furniture gone. 

Renting our mini skips can save you time, money and you can avoid the hassles of hiring a trailer or taking your rubbish to the dump which is not only laborious but will also cost you some money. In other words, our mini skips are the right solutions to give yourself a peace-of-mind. If you have problems disposing of your large amount of rubbish from your home, offices or small construction project, the best answer we could advise you is to go for our mini skip hire service.  large skip hire Christchurch

Now, back to your question on how much for a mini skip hire with us and what is the maximum weight capacity each skip can carry?


2 cubic meters for $225 can be loaded up to 400 kg. 

4.5 cubic meters for $315 can be loaded up to 675 kg. 

6 cubic meters for $360 can be loaded up to 900 kg.

7 cubic meters for $410 can be loaded up to 1,050 kg.

2 cubic meters for hardfill concrete for $255  Has no weight limit but cant be loaded over top of the bin.

Benefits of a Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

Now that we have told you what a mini skip is and also about the necessity of hiring them, here are some of the advantages that could help. 

During Spring Cleaning

When we say spring cleaning, this is the best time of the year to clean our homes or rooms after a long cold, damp winter season. And if you’re asking how much for a mini skip hire during the spring season which is usually the peak months for hiring skips, we don’t actually change our rate. 

So what is the waste that we accumulate during the winter but have a hard time disposing and cleaning out due to the lazy cold weather? In our experience, most of the waste that people produce are found under their beds, in the kitchen and living room and examples are food scraps, food wrappers, old clothes, old sheets or other general waste. skip hire

Spring cleaning is much like general cleaning of our homes in preparation for the coming summer days. It’s easy when you don’t need to worry about where to dump your collected rubbish once you call us for mini skip hire in Christchurch?

During Home or Room Renovations

Home or room renovations mainly involve clearing out the old items that are in the room. You may also need new paintwork or you want to pull out your old carpet. With all the gathered junk you have. This is where the mini skip hire also becomes very useful . You can even put old paint scraps (not wet paint), old wallpaper,  or some wood or even your old kitchen sink in our skips .

Christchurch rubbish

During Landscaping

Almost all homes today have large or small gardens or yards in their properties. And if you have the grass and plants to change, there would be some landscaping involved. Landscaping could also mean cleaning up your grounds of garden waste like grass clippings, tree stumps, rusty fences, garden bricks, old plants and cut-out tree branches so that you can introduce new landscape materials. So where would your garden waste be dumped? Mini skip hire, of course. And that’s why we have a variety of sizes for you to choose from to suit your needs during your landscaping project.   

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

During Home Construction

We all know that home construction involves digging a lot of soil and sometimes breaking and digging old walls so that we can construct new structures on paved soil. And normally, there would be lots of  rubbish that will be produced like empty cement packaging, broken bricks, wood and metal scraps and much more. So if you’re building a new home. Our 7 cubic meter skips can handle all your waste and we can pick it up and provide you another one whenever you want to have a fresh container.    


On the other hand, you have to be aware of the standard guidelines when hiring skips. These guidelines are both for our convenience and for the people who live near you as well as to avoid breaking the law. So what are these guidelines?

Guidelines to Consider When Renting Mini Skips


Ask the driver who brings in the mini skip where to place the skip so that both of you can have easy access during your waste disposal and during the skip pickup. 


Avoid placing the skips near utility access points. For example, a fire hydrant. 


Don’t place the skip under overhead cables or under the trees where our truck will have difficulty in lifting it. 


Don’t place the skip outside your  yard because other people will throw their rubbish into it.


Avoid placing the skip in between two vehicles. 


Don’t overfill the skip. The height of the waste should only be within the level of the edges of the skip to avoid spilling the waste during travel. 

Rubbish Removal Christchurch

Now that you understand what a mini skip is and how much for a mini skip hire  we can assure you you’ll get your money’s worth with our service.

 We have been servicing Christchurch for more than a decade.

Again, our maximum days for hiring our skips are up to 5 days. If you want to extend your rental, you only need to call us.