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Where Can I Dump My Old Fridge

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Where Can I Dump My Old Fridge

You’re probably here on this page because you’re now facing a challenge – where can I dump my old fridge. Honestly, fridges are not that easy to dispose of because of the fact that they are considered hazardous waste. How do they become hazardous? Because they also contain refrigerants, oils and some compounds in their tanks that could be harmful to the environment and the people handling it. Needless to say, you cannot just dispose of your old fridge without undergoing the legal process and this can be discouraging to most of us. 

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Another problem you undergo when disposing of old fridge is its bulk and weight and frankly a single person cannot haul away a large fridge especially the old ones that are older than 15 years which can weigh more than 100 kilograms. If you have a back problem or even if you’re a healthy, fit guy, you should not lift a heavy fridge and haul it into the transfer station alone.dump fridge Christchurch

If the menacing question of how do I dispose of an old fridge bothers you, well, you’re not alone because almost everyone of us would want to upgrade our fridges and dispose of the old ones. But if ever it comes to your mind you would want to dispose of your old fridge yourself, the question is, where to throw away old fridge that you should not be breaking any law?

Where Can I Dump My Old Fridge We can do it for you

To help you find the best solution to your question where can I dump my old fridge, let us help you take away your problem by calling us at 3492058. Why call us? Because we can take away your old fridge from its place and haul it away and bring it where it can be disposed of properly. We’ve been doing this job for many years and we already have the manpower and vehicles to do the job efficiently. 

With us, you don’t need to hire a trailer for the hauling, you won’t be hurting your back for the loading and you can be assured that we will dispose of your old appliance where it could be recycled and reused for its parts. dump old fridge

If you want to know more about our single-item pickup service, please browse around our site.   So if you get bothered and ask, where can I dump my old fridge, don’t worry, we will handle this with care and professionally with no hassle on your part and for only a minimal cost. 


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