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Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Dispose of Old Sofa

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Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

If you find yourself having a problem with where to dispose of an old sofa, this article could give you some good ideas that can help you solve your problem as well as save you some money from getting rid of your used sofa. 

Our sofas are our best buddies when it comes to the furniture that we use when relaxing. But because they are the most used and even our pets love to snooze on them, they can get ravaged and old quickly. The problem occurs, however, when the couch gets too old for comfort that we need to change it for a new one. And that’s the problem – how to dispose of old sofa since these are not part of the items that our waste pickup trucks take regularly?  Yes, you can dismantle your old sofa and throw its parts into the wheelie bins. But then, can you spend so much time doing this?  

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

On the other hand, we have good news for you. Basically, you can take your old couch to the recycling center, pay for its weight or size whatever the facility is charging for large furniture, then your problem is solved. Sounds simple right? However, there are also some things you must consider before you can do this. One, is your vehicle big enough to carry your old sofa to the facility? If not, then you may borrow a pickup truck from your friend or hire a trailer for the hauling which means you have to spend money for the transport .

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

 If your couch is large and heavy , can you carry this alone and put it into the truck and unload it yourself into the recycling facility? Remember that the number of people that should  carry a sofa out from the house should be at least two physically fit persons. You do it alone or with a person that’s not used to lifting heavy objects, then you two will be risking your backs. Then lastly, you still have to pay the dumping fee at the recycling facility. If these sound too hectic for you, then consider other ways on where or how to dispose of old couches without much of a hassle on your part.

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Other Methods How to Dispose of Old Sofa

Give it away to a charity or people you know. If your sofa still retains its good looks and some of its fluffiness, try to offer it for free to your friends or relatives or to a charity that accepts donations of goods. You can take a picture of it and send it to them. If somebody wants it, they can take it from your home right away. 

Advertise it and give it for free.  You can upload its pictures on a website that accepts free advertisement and there will be hundreds of people who will notice and take an interest in it immediately.

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Put it on the curbside in front of your house. You don’t want to spend time advertising your old sofa online or call charities or friends to offer it, then this is the quickest and simplest way of giving your old couch away. Don’t forget to put a sign that it’s free to take. But then, inquire from your city if this is allowed. In some countries, they only give people limited time to leave their free items at their front house.  

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Sell it. Depending on the condition and appearance of your sofa, especially if it’s a leather-covered couch, you can still sell such an item at a good price. A lot of people are searching online for such items and refurbishing them and making them shine and resell them at a good price.

Refurbish it. Let’s say you want to know where to dispose of old sofa and then you take a good look at it and remember the old days when you and your family cuddled on it. Then you had a second thought of not getting rid of it, then why not consider refurbishing it. You can send some pictures of it to a furniture repair shop and inquire how much it would cost to bring back the pristine condition of your sofa. This way, you do not only save money but still keep the furniture that has a sentimental value to you.  

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Call us for the pickup. Many people agree that selling or giving away something like an old sofa can take quite a time before the item can be taken away. And sometimes no one would want to take it. And if you’re not in favor of taking the couch to a recycling center because of the “hustle and bustle” involved while spending money plus  your labor, calling us for the pickup service can be the best option you can take. But what advantages can you get from hiring us?

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And with our waste pickup service, we can take whatever large items you want us to take including old beds, furniture, fridges, washing machines and much more. So if you are challenged on where to dispose of old sofa, just call us and your problem is no more. We will arrange for the pickup as soon as you book a pickup online.

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