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Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Dispose of Old Sofa

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Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

If you find yourself having a problem with where to dispose of an old sofa, this article could give you some good ideas that can help you solve your problem as well as save you some money from getting rid of your used sofa. 

Our sofas are our best buddies when it comes to the furniture that we use when relaxing. But because they are the most used and even our pets love to snooze on them, they can get ravaged and old quickly. The problem occurs, however, when the couch gets too old for comfort that we need to change it for a new one. And that’s the problem – how to dispose of old sofa since these are not part of the items that our waste pickup trucks take regularly?  Yes, you can dismantle your old sofa and throw its parts into the wheelie bins. But then, can you spend so much time doing this?  

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

On the other hand, we have good news for you. Basically, you can take your old couch to the recycling center, pay for its weight or size whatever the facility is charging for large furniture, then your problem is solved. Sounds simple right? However, there are also some things you must consider before you can do this. One, is your vehicle big enough to carry your old sofa to the facility? If not, then you may borrow a pickup truck from your friend or hire a trailer for the hauling which means you have to spend money for the transport .

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

 If your couch is large and heavy , can you carry this alone and put it into the truck and unload it yourself into the recycling facility? Remember that the number of people that should  carry a sofa out from the house should be at least two physically fit persons. You do it alone or with a person that’s not used to lifting heavy objects, then you two will be risking your backs. Then lastly, you still have to pay the dumping fee at the recycling facility. If these sound too hectic for you, then consider other ways on where or how to dispose of old couches without much of a hassle on your part.

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Other Methods How to Dispose of Old Sofa

Give it away to a charity or people you know. If your sofa still retains its good looks and some of its fluffiness, try to offer it for free to your friends or relatives or to a charity that accepts donations of goods. You can take a picture of it and send it to them. If somebody wants it, they can take it from your home right away. 

Advertise it and give it for free.  You can upload its pictures on a website that accepts free advertisement and there will be hundreds of people who will notice and take an interest in it immediately.

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Put it on the curbside in front of your house. You don’t want to spend time advertising your old sofa online or call charities or friends to offer it, then this is the quickest and simplest way of giving your old couch away. Don’t forget to put a sign that it’s free to take. But then, inquire from your city if this is allowed. In some countries, they only give people limited time to leave their free items at their front house.  

Where to Dispose of Old Sofa

Sell it. Depending on the condition and appearance of your sofa, especially if it’s a leather-covered couch, you can still sell such an item at a good price. A lot of people are searching online for such items and refurbishing them and making them shine and resell them at a good price.

Refurbish it. Let’s say you want to know where to dispose of old sofa and then you take a good look at it and remember the old days when you and your family cuddled on it. Then you had a second thought of not getting rid of it, then why not consider refurbishing it. You can send some pictures of it to a furniture repair shop and inquire how much it would cost to bring back the pristine condition of your sofa. This way, you do not only save money but still keep the furniture that has a sentimental value to you.  

Mini Skip Hire Christchurch

Call us for the pickup. Many people agree that selling or giving away something like an old sofa can take quite a time before the item can be taken away. And sometimes no one would want to take it. And if you’re not in favor of taking the couch to a recycling center because of the “hustle and bustle” involved while spending money plus  your labor, calling us for the pickup service can be the best option you can take. But what advantages can you get from hiring us?

Who Are We and What We Do?

Our company has been operating in Christchurch for more than 10 years and essentially doing business with people who have problems disposing of their waste which we pick up from their residences. We are also into the estate clearing business so we literally take good care of properties by  clearing out what’s left by the ones who may  have passed away.

Estate Clearing

And with our waste pickup service, we can take whatever large items you want us to take including old beds, furniture, fridges, washing machines and much more. So if you are challenged on where to dispose of old sofa, just call us and your problem is no more. We will arrange for the pickup as soon as you book a pickup online.

You can also check  our website and see what other items we have there and each item has a corresponding pickup price. We will dispose of your old appliances properly and legally. Our company boasts of a complete waste disposal package.

Give us a call anytime on 3472058 -0272054877or leave us a message with your phone number and we’ll talk about your problem. If you are running a small business or need a cleanup at home you can also call us for skip hire . And when it comes to single items and you have a problem with how to dispose of old couches, we can assure you that more than anything else, our pickup service could be the fastest and most convenient way of disposing of your old sofas without any fuss on yourself.

PH 3492058 or 0272054877

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Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Ways to Remove Garden Waste

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Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Now that you have cleaned up your garden, done some landscaping jobs and have piles of garden rubbish waiting to be disposed of, the question is what will be the cheapest way to remove garden waste without costing you a fortune.  Yes, you know that it’s not easy to throw away garden waste if you have to much.  If it’s just one or 2 garbage bags, you can easily throw it into your wheelie green bin. But if you have large amounts and its mixed, then there’s a daunting task coming.  Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Garden waste can be composed of green and brown waste. The green waste could be the fresh grass clippings from lawn mowing, freshly uprooted annual plants, weeds, small cut branches from your hedges and other garden waste. Brown waste could be of the same plant materials but have already dried . Why we are identifying green garden waste from brown is because green waste can be easily composted while brown waste can take a lot of time.Mini Skip Hire Christchurch

Composting can be  one effective means of garden waste removal without spending a cent. While the composted material can be used to nourish the soil and the plants, incorporating compost into the soil can bring a very long positive effect on the soil’s organic properties but what’s the Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste ? 

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Garden Rubbish Removal in Christchurch

But we realize that not many people in Christchurch are into composting because most  just don’t have time. And though composting can be the cheapest way to remove garden waste, most people in Christchurch prefer taking their garden waste away and disposing it into the council’s transfer stations’ composting sites. However, depending on the composition of your waste, the council has the last word if they will take it.  If your garden waste has some rubble, soil and inert waste in it, no composting site would take it.   Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

But don’t give up  because we still have some solutions for you and can still work  the cheapest way to remove garden waste in Christchurch. 

Here are some you could try:


Organizing the garden waste before taking it to the transfer station’s composting facility.

We would like to elaborate on this. Garden waste can be composed of small to large materials. Lawn grass and leaves are not a problem including soft stems of flowering plants because these are quick to decompose. However, before taking the waste into  composting sites, make sure you separate the larger items from the small waste such as logs, big branches and also plant parts with lots of thorns, and even plants with waxy leaves like flaxes and cabbage trees because these are not allowed  in  composting sites. Weeds are also sometimes prohibited because their seeds can still grow on compost and you may unnecessarily proliferate them when you use the compost on your soil. 

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Use a worm bin for faster composting

If you have lots of pots for indoor plants or flowering plants that you keep in your yard or garden and you want rich soil for these but don’t have the time to compost, you can buy a worm bin instead. Worm bins come in different sizes and shapes but you can create yours using only lumber and plywood. You only need to put old newspaper as bedding, put some rich soil to it, buy worms from vermiculture farms and feed the worms with vegetable trimmings, plant clippings and coffee grounds. Nonetheless, this will only work for a small amount of garden waste. This could be one of the Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste.

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

If you have accumulated a lot of garden waste and have segregated the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable, you can haul the compostable materials to the transfer station’s composting facility using your truck. But if there is no truck, you can also hire a trailer for hauling. Click here for trailers you could hire in Christchurch at very affordable costs. For the non-biodegradable waste, call your nearest transfer station facility and ask how and where to dispose of these. This might not be the Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste but its  not as much as hiring a skip.

Hire a skip

If you’re from Christchurch, you know what skips are. In the US, they call these the “dumpsters”. However, it may come to mind questions like why rent a large skip just to throw away garden waste? And is renting skips too expensive? Well, the answer to the first question is, we can hire skips when there’s too much garden waste from a big garden tidy-up

And for the second question, the cost of hiring skip bins depends on the size of the skip you need. But here is the good news – we at Christchurch skip hire are renting mini skips of different sizes to accommodate the volume of your waste based on your need. 

Here are the skips’ sizes that  we can suggest to solve the problem with their garden rubbish removal in Christchurch. 



Benefits of Renting Skip Bins

You can choose the perfect size for your waste. Regardless of your waste, you can choose from our skips the right size you need. If you plan to do a large-scale landscaping project or want to change your grass or trim all your trees and hedges and plants, the skips can be the best solution. Each size can accommodate certain volumes of waste including garden waste and these can be the perfect solutions for overall garden rubbish removal in Christchurch. 

Disposal made easy. Forget about loading and unloading your garden waste into your truck or hiring a trailer and no need to worry about hauling it to the transfer station’s composting facility.  So depending on the volume of green waste you have this could be your Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste.

Rubbish Removal Christchurch

Easy to hire. It’s now very easy to hire skips, especially our skips.   With us, you only need to call us or leave us a message on our website with your contact details. If you want to check on our garden waste removal prices using our skips,  you’ll see the size of the skip you need and their rental prices. You can pay for the hire   thru our portal using your credit card then we’ll drop it of for you on the day selected.

We only do environment-friendly waste disposal service.  According to the guidelines set by the Christchurch council with their waste management program. Because we have been working in the business of waste removal, household items removal and even house clearing services for years now, we know where to take the collected waste and we know how to dispose of it properly and legally to avoid environmental issues.  


skip hire chch

It will cost you less and saves you time and effort. We also know that you will agree with us when we say that hiring a skip would be the easiest way of saving you money instead of hiring people to take out your garden waste from the curbside. How is that so? Because in hiring skips, you can put so much waste into it of whatever waste you have. So instead of calling a company to pick up your gathered garden waste which they may charge you a good amount of money for their effort, why not we provide you the skips and fill it up to your heart’s content while it’s on a fixed rate and with lots of time allowance?  

Saves you time and effort because you don’t have to take the garden waste yourself to the composting facility and we can give you 5 days to fill  your skip. That could be your cheapest way to remove garden waste at your own pace. If you want to extend the hire days, just call us.

Estate Clearing


So isn’t it great  that you have come to our page and know more about garden waste removal and discover our skips rental services? But then,  what  if you need  an item pickup removal service, this is also one of the  things that we do. If you want to dispose of an old sofa, an old fridge or old mattresses, we can come to your place and will pick it up. Same procedure, you only need to call us and we’ll do the rest.      


PH 3492058 or 0272054877

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How to Get Rid of Old TV Sets in NZ

TV Disposal

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How to Get Rid of Old TV Sets in NZ

One of the more common electronics you may have lying around your house is an old TV that you have not been using for years and that’s why how to get rid of old TV sets in NZ can sometimes be a hassle. This blog post will help you figure out what to do with that old set so it doesn’t take up space and collect dust.

Old TV sets are not easy to dispose of and that’s a fact. Because they are made of many parts with heavy metals like lead, mercury, beryllium and cadmium, they are considered as e-waste (electronic waste) or simply hazardous waste. Yes, some of its parts can be recycled like gold, copper, plastics and metals but recycling these bulky electronics takes time and is costly that’s why how to get rid of old tv sets can be difficult since these are not ordinarily accepted to transfer stations or even to landfills.

How to Get Rid of Old TV Sets in NZ

So basically, you cannot just leave an old TV on the curbside or dump it in your wheelie bins because, in NZ, we have strict rules in following the laws on proper waste disposal and hazardous waste are taken in with some precautions. Now, the question is, are there any other ways where can you get rid of old tv sets without breaking any rules? The answer is yes, there are other ways of getting rid of them while you don’t have to break any law and avoid paying penalties.

Where to Dispose of an Old TV

Here are the options we can suggest: 

Donate your functional TV. If your old TV set is still in good working condition, find local charities that will accept your unit. But in this case, if you find one, you have to bring the unit to the shop because most likely, people there would like to test before they accept it. 

Find on the web a recycling facility near you. If a facility can accept your unit and agrees to pick it up, this can be one of the easiest ways to get rid of old tv sets in NZ.

Call the manufacturer. Some companies offer to take their old TVs back so that they can also refurbish or recycle them as they have the facilities and tools for this job. So try your luck and call the company that makes your TV brand. 

Try selling it. Some people could not afford to buy new TV sets and are looking for second-hand units that are still working fine. Especially if your unit is a large one and in perfect condition, there’s a good chance you could sell it quickly at a very cheap price. 

Give it for free. Again, as long as your TV is still running great, it could be easy to find someone who wants to get hold of your unit without paying anything. 


As the last option, hire a company that can take away your old TV set at very minimal cost but without any headache of how to get rid of old tv sets and this is what we do. With us, you don’t have to worry that no one will take your unit even if you’re giving it for free. You won’t also have to wait for days and take chances that someone will buy it from you because presumably, every home today has its own TV set.

Quickest Way on How to Get Rid of Old TV Sets

Our way can be the quickest method how to get rid of old TV sets without any hassle on your part. What you can do is only give us a call and if you’re around Christchurch, we can easily arrange for a pickup of your old TV sets including other electronics you want to dispose of. You don’t have to be bothered anymore about where you can get rid of old TV sets because we can take care of it and we can dispose of your unit legally and in the right place.

If you’re in doubt about the type of TV sets you have, check the following TV types and these are ordinarily what we take from our clients in Christchurch and regardless of their sizes.  


CRT Television

Plasma TVs

Flat Screen TVs

Rear Projection Televisions

You can also trust us with your other items like old furniture, old fridges, and old beds or any other large items that the city council’s truck would not normally take. With our company, we can take anything including rubbish from your house and even from your gardens. 

To know more about our services, we do estate clearance services, skips rental, and single item pickup which we do regularly.  

Check our list of items you have in your home which you want to get rid of and we can take it from there.  You can just book a pickup online.

How to Get Rid of Old TV Sets in NZ

Getting our services and paying us for the job is quick using only your credit card and you can rely on us because we are a professional  company and have been providing services to people in Christchurch for more than 10 years. So if you don’t know how to get rid of old tv sets in NZ and particularly in Christchurch, don’t worry we’re here to take it from you. 

PH 3492058 or 0272054877

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Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

Christchurch skip hire -PH- 3492058 - 0272054877

I am Pete from Christchurch skip hire

Why You Need To Consider Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch?

You probably know what skips are and have heard about skip hire or mini skip hire. Skips or bins are also called “dumpsters” in other countries and they are generally used for containing a large amount of rubbish regardless of their materials and items except those that are hazardous and liquid waste. They also come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of waste volumes.  

In Christchurch, just like in other cities or towns, people usually have problems in disposing of their rubbish especially when it becomes too much for their wheelie bins to handle. This usually happens during specific times like house renovations, overlaying of new landscapes or just about the ordinary weekend general cleaning at home or in the office. When this  happens, our ccc bins would not be big enough to handle this waste. And we know that when in Christchurch, anything that’s not in the bins would not be picked up by the council’s pickup truck. This is why we need to call skips companies and rent some of their skips to avoid having waste disposal issues. 

But the problem is, how do we know the size of the skip we need?   

For those who are not familiar with skips and the advantages it brings, this article is all about them. We will also tell you how to identify the right size of skip for your waste then tell you more about our mini skip hire service that we are running within the city of Christchurch.

Choose the perfect skip for your job

small mini skip Christchurch skip hire


Use this size for very small cleanup job

mini skip hire Christchurch


use this skip for a little bigger job


This skip is suitable for mid size clean up

large skip hire Christchurch


This skip mid size to large clean up

What is a Mini Skip and What are Their Sizes?

Skips are the best alternatives for the small rubbish bins whenever you need to dispose of large amounts of waste at one time. They are generally made of metal, come in different designs, sizes and dimensions and they are also available in 4 size varieties – the mini skips, midi skips, maxi skips and the 20-40 cubic meter skips for industrial use. Aside from they can contain a big amount of waste, we can also put in almost any type of waste except items with toxic elements, liquid waste and asbestos which require a special permit.   Mini Skip Hire Christchurch

But what is a mini skip? From the word “mini”, the mini skips are the smallest versions of the larger skips. In other countries like the UK, they categorize the size of their skips in “yard sizes”. But in New Zealand, we use the more specific dimensions for them which is in cubic meters. Skips with sizes under 10 cubic meters are the mini skips. Midi skips size ranges from 10 to 12 cubic meters while the Maxi skips have sizes that range from 14-18 cubic meters. The largest of them, as we have mentioned, are the 20-40 cubic meter skips which many manufacturing companies use. 

Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

The mini skips are best for domestic use and also for small commercial establishments whenever they want to contain all their waste in just one container and in one go. So here are some scenarios when you might need them.  Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

Let’s say your garage seems to be cluttered with junk that you can barely move and you’ve noticed that some of the pieces of metals you have accumulated over the years have rusted and you want to throw them out. Can you put all of these in your bin for recyclables? Or how about you decide to change your rugs in your house because they have become moldy and smelly you just want to throw them out. If you are an avid gardener and you want to change all your old plants and mow your grass and trim your hedges, where can you put all of the waste you will produce? Because surely, your green bin would not be able to take it all.

Estate Clearing

Mini skips are the best options for domestic and for commercial waste removal solutions for the large volume of waste and you also don’t have to segregate your waste. You put everything in it and it will be gone. Note that if you hire a skip that’s too large for your waste, it would be a waste of money getting charged for the size that’s too large for your waste.  The same thing, if you go for mini skip hire in Christchurch and have a skip that’s too small for your rubbish, this would not be enough to carry all your gathered waste. 

Now, the problem is, how would you know the right size of skip that you need to accommodate your waste? So here are our mini skips with their sizes .

2 cubic meter for general waste 

4.5 cubic meter for general waste 

6 cubic meter for general waste 

7 cubic meter for general waste 

2 cubic meters for hard fill concrete & soil.

You noticed that most of our mini skip for hire are mostly for general waste and only one 2 cubic meter size for hard fill concrete. This is because most of our target clients are households, commercial offices and other small businesses.

General waste is waste that is ordinarily produced on an everyday basis by people living in the city. It can come from households or from small commercial establishments like stores, barber shops or boutiques. Waste can include green waste, recyclable and non-recyclable items and food waste as long as it’s in the garbage bag and dry.  

For the hard fill waste, our mini skip for hire can take  stones, pavers, rubble, concrete, and asphalt. These waste are what are called “inert waste” and cannot be considered biodegradable or recyclable waste thus these will end in landfills.

Christchurch rubbish

How Much for a Mini Skip Hire?

 Our mini skips can be rented for as little as $225 for the smallest and we’ll give you a maximum of 5 days to fill up the skip. The units we have are perfect for those smaller projects around the house that require an inexpensive form of waste disposal and they’re an excellent choice if you’re doing a small house renovation or just want some old furniture gone. 

Renting our mini skips can save you time, money and you can avoid the hassles of hiring a trailer or taking your rubbish to the dump which is not only laborious but will also cost you some money. In other words, our mini skips are the right solutions to give yourself a peace-of-mind. If you have problems disposing of your large amount of rubbish from your home, offices or small construction project, the best answer we could advise you is to go for our mini skip hire service.  large skip hire Christchurch

Now, back to your question on how much for a mini skip hire with us and what is the maximum weight capacity each skip can carry?


2 cubic meters for $225 can be loaded up to 400 kg. 

4.5 cubic meters for $315 can be loaded up to 675 kg. 

6 cubic meters for $360 can be loaded up to 900 kg.

7 cubic meters for $410 can be loaded up to 1,050 kg.

2 cubic meters for hardfill concrete for $255  Has no weight limit but cant be loaded over top of the bin.

Benefits of a Mini Skip Hire in Christchurch

Now that we have told you what a mini skip is and also about the necessity of hiring them, here are some of the advantages that could help. 

During Spring Cleaning

When we say spring cleaning, this is the best time of the year to clean our homes or rooms after a long cold, damp winter season. And if you’re asking how much for a mini skip hire during the spring season which is usually the peak months for hiring skips, we don’t actually change our rate. 

So what is the waste that we accumulate during the winter but have a hard time disposing and cleaning out due to the lazy cold weather? In our experience, most of the waste that people produce are found under their beds, in the kitchen and living room and examples are food scraps, food wrappers, old clothes, old sheets or other general waste. skip hire

Spring cleaning is much like general cleaning of our homes in preparation for the coming summer days. It’s easy when you don’t need to worry about where to dump your collected rubbish once you call us for mini skip hire in Christchurch?

During Home or Room Renovations

Home or room renovations mainly involve clearing out the old items that are in the room. You may also need new paintwork or you want to pull out your old carpet. With all the gathered junk you have. This is where the mini skip hire also becomes very useful . You can even put old paint scraps (not wet paint), old wallpaper,  or some wood or even your old kitchen sink in our skips .

Christchurch rubbish

During Landscaping

Almost all homes today have large or small gardens or yards in their properties. And if you have the grass and plants to change, there would be some landscaping involved. Landscaping could also mean cleaning up your grounds of garden waste like grass clippings, tree stumps, rusty fences, garden bricks, old plants and cut-out tree branches so that you can introduce new landscape materials. So where would your garden waste be dumped? Mini skip hire, of course. And that’s why we have a variety of sizes for you to choose from to suit your needs during your landscaping project.   

Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

During Home Construction

We all know that home construction involves digging a lot of soil and sometimes breaking and digging old walls so that we can construct new structures on paved soil. And normally, there would be lots of  rubbish that will be produced like empty cement packaging, broken bricks, wood and metal scraps and much more. So if you’re building a new home. Our 7 cubic meter skips can handle all your waste and we can pick it up and provide you another one whenever you want to have a fresh container.    


On the other hand, you have to be aware of the standard guidelines when hiring skips. These guidelines are both for our convenience and for the people who live near you as well as to avoid breaking the law. So what are these guidelines?

Guidelines to Consider When Renting Mini Skips


Ask the driver who brings in the mini skip where to place the skip so that both of you can have easy access during your waste disposal and during the skip pickup. 


Avoid placing the skips near utility access points. For example, a fire hydrant. 


Don’t place the skip under overhead cables or under the trees where our truck will have difficulty in lifting it. 


Don’t place the skip outside your  yard because other people will throw their rubbish into it.


Avoid placing the skip in between two vehicles. 


Don’t overfill the skip. The height of the waste should only be within the level of the edges of the skip to avoid spilling the waste during travel. 

Rubbish Removal Christchurch

Now that you understand what a mini skip is and how much for a mini skip hire  we can assure you you’ll get your money’s worth with our service.

 We have been servicing Christchurch for more than a decade.

Again, our maximum days for hiring our skips are up to 5 days. If you want to extend your rental, you only need to call us.

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How Can I Dispose Of Old Furniture

How Can I Dispose Of Old Furniture

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How Can I Dispose Of Old Furniture

I was about to buy a new sofa for my newly renovated home but the problem is, how can I dispose of old furniture when it’s too big to be picked up by our Christchurch CCC rubbish  service? I’m sure they won’t take it because I know they only take the usual garbage we put in our wheelie bins . Well, at times like this, I usually call my friends and ask for advice, which I did. Fortunately, some gave me good ideas while others gave advice which I think could even cost me more, like taking my old sofa to a furniture restoration service.

furniture removal

Disposing of old or broken furniture is one problem  when you purchase any new big furniture item or appliance . And sometimes, you have to pay a lot of money just to get rid of your large  old stuff. I don’t always have cash in my pocket so I also asked myself, “how can I get rid of old furniture ”without it costing me anything or at least costing me money I can afford? 

Well my friends, today I’m going to share with you what I have learned about  how to get rid of your old furniture for free and how I got rid of mine and it cost me very little. 

How Can I Get Rid of Old Furniture for Free?

Based on my and my friends’ experience, here are the tips I want to share with you.

Take a picture of your furniture and send it to your relatives or friends and ask if they want to take your old item. But this can be a real drama Because half the time your friends won’t even show up to collect it.

Post its picture on sites like the Salvation Army and better if you have a local site for these. 

Take it to an eco drop center near you and donate it. As long as your item is in good condition, the center can take it and some people would want to have it. This can be the best answer to the question – how can I get rid of old furniture for free?

Sell your furniture to second-hand shops. If you want to get rid of it but you want to earn some money, especially if your furniture was quite expensive when you bought it, It may still be worth selling .     

 Bring it outside your home preferably in front of your house and put a sign “FREE, Ready for Anyone’s Pick-Up”.  But this is not a good idea because once it rains nobody will want to pick up an old wet sofa and you have a soggy wet mess outside your house.

 List it on an auction site for $1 and hopefully somebody will take it off your hands but once again most people that buy stuff for only $1 never bother to actually pick it up.


 This is what I did with my old sofa, I called 3492058 or 0272054877 and my furniture was gone in an instant. Yes, I don’t want to be hassled and wait for someone to take my item so even though  what I did is not free, I only paid a minimal amount for the pickup and my sofa was gone that fast. 

What to do with old broken furniture

when no one would want to take it. Here are the things you could consider. 


You can take apart or disassemble your furniture then throw the parts in your wheelie bin.  

Haul it into the dump or transfer station and pay for the volume of the item and your trailer hire. 

Hire a waste pickup service to take away your old furniture with no hassle on your part.   

If you ask me which I would prefer in disposing of my old and broken furniture, again, I would rather choose the latter because hiring a waste removal pickup service is not very expensive and can also save you time and effort. If you’re in Christchurch its as easy as to get rid of your unwanted rubbish.

PH 3492058 or 0272054877

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Where Can I Dump My Old Fridge

fridge disposal

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Where Can I Dump My Old Fridge

You’re probably here on this page because you’re now facing a challenge – where can I dump my old fridge. Honestly, fridges are not that easy to dispose of because of the fact that they are considered hazardous waste. How do they become hazardous? Because they also contain refrigerants, oils and some compounds in their tanks that could be harmful to the environment and the people handling it. Needless to say, you cannot just dispose of your old fridge without undergoing the legal process and this can be discouraging to most of us. 

fridge disposal

Another problem you undergo when disposing of old fridge is its bulk and weight and frankly a single person cannot haul away a large fridge especially the old ones that are older than 15 years which can weigh more than 100 kilograms. If you have a back problem or even if you’re a healthy, fit guy, you should not lift a heavy fridge and haul it into the transfer station alone.dump fridge Christchurch

If the menacing question of how do I dispose of an old fridge bothers you, well, you’re not alone because almost everyone of us would want to upgrade our fridges and dispose of the old ones. But if ever it comes to your mind you would want to dispose of your old fridge yourself, the question is, where to throw away old fridge that you should not be breaking any law?

Where Can I Dump My Old Fridge We can do it for you

To help you find the best solution to your question where can I dump my old fridge, let us help you take away your problem by calling us at 3492058. Why call us? Because we can take away your old fridge from its place and haul it away and bring it where it can be disposed of properly. We’ve been doing this job for many years and we already have the manpower and vehicles to do the job efficiently. 

With us, you don’t need to hire a trailer for the hauling, you won’t be hurting your back for the loading and you can be assured that we will dispose of your old appliance where it could be recycled and reused for its parts. dump old fridge

If you want to know more about our single-item pickup service, please browse around our site.   So if you get bothered and ask, where can I dump my old fridge, don’t worry, we will handle this with care and professionally with no hassle on your part and for only a minimal cost. 


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